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In recent years more and more people have become boat owners. These vessels are principally pleasure craft used for family outings and short excursions. Boats require specialist maintenance and regular care. Filippos and his partner Michalis have observed with growing concern that the service delivered to boat owners in Corfu is both expensive and regularly falls below the fundamental standards of safety to be expected for any sea-going vessel. In direct response to these concerns Filippos, Michalis and their experienced team of boatmen and mechanics have set up Kassiopi Boat Yard Services to address this deficiency.

The object of Kassiopi Boat Yard Services is;

  •     to remove the stress of boat maintenance and ownership.
  •     to deliver high quality personal care to each customer.
  •     to ensure that each vessel is properly maintained to ensure its trouble-free, smooth and safe operation. 

Filippos and Michalis are highly respected, with an established reputation in the local boating industry. As a result of that unique position, and because of their relationship with many major boat companies, they are able to secure the very best deals at the most competitive prices. They are also able to provide independent advice to prospective purchasers of boats, engines, trailers and other accessories.

As well as basic services Kassiopi Boat Yard Services have the know-how, technology and personnel to deal with the more complicated and demanding problems that arise from time to time. The boat yard is patly covered, fully equipped and manned by trained staff. Kassiopi Boat Yard Services offers a full range of services including:

  •     Complete hull and engine maintenance and repair.
  •     Help in finding mooring.
  •     Advice concerning the purchase of new vessels.
  •     Up to the minute weather reports and advice about changing weather conditions.

As well as Filippos Boats, Kassiopi Boat Yard Services keeps a high speed rescue speedboat on hand at all times and makes regular patrols along the coast to bring immediate assistance to those who run into difficulties. They are equipped to respond instantly to any vessel in distress.

Kassiopi Boat Yard Services also has contacts with major boat suppliers and should you wish to purchase a new vessel, and/or a new engine, we will be only too pleased to assist in helping you find what you are looking for - at the most competitive prices. We are also able to assist you with any administration needed with regard to purchasing a new vessel - ie. legal documents needed from the Port Police, insurance etc.

Filippos, Michalis and the staff of Kassiopi Boat Yard Services look forward to the opportunity to prove the quality of the services they offer to new and old customers alike.

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